Chaudhary Zamindar Heritage House in Amadpur creates nature's paradise

It is lifetime experience to stay in Heritage Zamindar House in Ahampur

Chaudhary Zamindar Heritage House in Amadpur creates nature's paradise
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Amadpur is around 95 kilometers away from Kolkata. It is a great experience to stay in nature's paradise in 250 year old Chaudhari Zamindar house and enjoy the rural unpolluted free environment on weekend.

It is an unique experience of staying in the Heritage Home of Amadpur in Bardhaman in West Bengal. The famous Zamindar house belong to the Chaudhari family. It is more than 350 years old house.

Presently 4 large spacious rooms of the Zamindar House is let out as Heritage house for tourists. It is a brilliant experience to stay in the Zamindar House. Amadpur is around 95 kilometers away from Kolkata.

If one starts in car from Kolkata at around 7 am in the morning he will reach Amadpur by 10.15 am. Obviously visitors take breakfast break at around 9 am in the Highway.

There are good restaurants like Hotel Hindustan on the Highway. Many travellers have Punjabi food there like egg tadka, amrtisari chicken curry, kulcha, laccha paratha to name a few.

From Memary in Bardhaman, the car turns towards the villages. Sometimes time is spend in front of a level crossing, because many trains, both local and long distance trains travel across the place. But the countryside is a treat for the eyes. Firstly Bardhaman is a fertile district of West Bengal. If visitors are lucky they can see farmers cutting potatoes in the potato farms. Generally Jyoti variety and Chandramukhi variety of potatoes are grown in these areas. Even visitors notice beautiful green paddy fields on the way.

The Choudhary House is also called Zamindar Bari by the villages. So it is not difficult to identify the location of the house. On entering the ground floor, paper work is done showing the identities of the travellers. Then the visitors can proceed to 1st Floor.

The balcony has easy chairs and tables made from handicraft industry of Bengal. These chairs and tables give a serious vintage look to the place. Visitors think that they are living in 18th Century Feudal Bengal.

The rooms have vintage furniture. The beds are high and have wooden support for use of mosquito nets. The rooms are big. The walls are very thick. The entire rooms remain cool during the summer because the thick walls and high columns create an insulating atmosphere very different from the weather of the vicinity. In all the rooms, Air Conditioners are fitted, but during the day there is no requirement of the AC as the rooms are really cool.

Staying in a heritage place has one more big attraction. That is the food. The same type of food which the Zamindars enjoyed are provided to the travellers. The travellers are supposed to pay for the lunch and dinner. Breakfast is complimentary.

In the lunch the food that is offered includes the following. With rice, the moong dal that is offered is cooked with peas and carrots. Bengali Shukto and Chancra with fish is provided as the starters. Travellers enjoy the fresh katla fish curry, with those katla fishes that are caught from the pond nearby. Visitors also have mutton curry in the dish.  The food is followed up by tomato chutney and papad. At last the visitors are given white curd and rosogolla (a Bengali sweet). Sometimes visitors ask for Sauf and Ajwain as Mukshuddhi.

Many visitors go to Radhamadhab temple within Sadhubari Ashram situated around 5 kilometers away in the afternoon. It is a good experience to see the aarti and hear the bhajans. Travellers also visit an old banyan tree which presently is considered to be a heritage spot.

Some visitors on the way go to the city of Memary to withdraw money from the ATMs because in the Chaudhary Zamindar Bari, payments for food cannot be made by swapping cards. In the evening the maids give incense sticks and dhuna which creates a Godly atmosphere.

Dinner is equally delicious as travellers get a scope to taste desi chicken available in villages. Travellers generally order desi chicken curry, tawa roties and green salads.

In the morning travellers go for morning walk. It is a great experience to walk and see the farmlands of cauliflower, lentils, laal sakh, spinach and many other vegetables. In breakfast, the visitors are provided luchi and cauliflower bhaji. The great part of the food is that it is cooked in pure mustard oil.

Travellers don’t find the familiar urbanized gazettes in the rural area like computers, laptops, television sets, etc. But there is a lot of fun in living in nature’s paradise. There is a templetala or mandirtala opposite to the Chaudhari Zamindar Bari. One of the Shiva temple or Mahadeva temple is amazing. The temple is built in terracotta style. But the Shivalinga became bigger every year. Presently if the traveller enters the temple and sees the Shivalinga he will find that it is almost impossible to take out the Shivalinga from the doors of the temple. So it can be understandable that the Shivalinga had increased in size due to some geographical reasons. Both Incredible India, Discovery World and National Geographic Channel covered this unique fact of the Shiva temple. There are other Shiva temples also in the vicinity. In the evening children are taught yoga opposite the temple.

If travellers are lucky enough, they can meet the 29th generation of the Chaudhary family. They stay in Kolkata and come down to the ancestral house on weekends. A lot of old history relating to the Choudhary family can be unfolded and heard from the 29th generation. They sometimes show the hookahs with chilim and gargara that were used by the Chaudharies more than 100 years ago. Each of the rooms have the photos of the Chaudhary Zamindars, some showing their travel in vintage cars, others showing their interest in hunting with shooting guns. The female members’s photos are also there showing the lifestyle of the royal family.

Spending 2 days or the weekends in the Chaudhary Zamindar House is a lifetime experience. Travellers don’t get the modern gazettes like TV, Fridge, Laptop computers, deskstop computers, internet, but they can stay very close to nature. The unpolluted atmosphere cannot be forgotten with beautiful breeze and sound of Bengali birds like kokil or koyel in the village environment. One should visit Amadpur.

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