What you need to know more about Sweden

Things you should know before visiting Sweden

What you need to know more about Sweden
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You may have lots of reasons to say Sweden is indeed a great place to live, study, visit or work.

Hang on as there are more insights you need to learn about this country. This is 2nd part from the first article published: Facts and things you need to know about Sweden.


  • Compulsory start of education in Sweden is at 7 years old but many children 6 years of age and below attend Kindergarten school run by private organizations. Kindergarten education is optional and the government still assists the students.
  • Primary education is divided into three stages. Junior stage covering students who are 7-9 years old, intermediate stage which is attended by those by those 10 to 12 years old, and the senior stage consisting of pupils who are 13 to 15 years of age.
  • Upper secondary school is also known Gymnasium and it is the continuation after primary school. The duration is three years but this system is optional. Students can choose one out of the 6 programs offered for university preparation and one or two choices for those who want to take vocational courses.
  • High taxes in Sweden contribute many benefits for its citizens especially in education.

    In each family, the government gives every member an allowance under the age of 16 and every member who is in a secondary school or university.


  • Unlike other countries in Europe, Sweden’s favourite sports are skiing and hockey.
  • Majority of Swedes like outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing. They cut holes in the ice and drop their fishing lines in it.
  • Other favourite activities include hiking and camping, football, swimming, sailing, tennis and gymnastics.


There are three major holidays of Sweden

  • St. Lucia day every December 13- Also known as the festival of light commemorating to a Christian martyr named Lucia. Accordingly, Lucia who lived in the 300’s A.D. secretly brings food to the persecuted Christians in Rome. They lived and hide themselves in the catacombs under the city. Since the place was dark, Lucia would put candles in her head so that she could freely carry foods to be distributed in her hands. That is why girls wear a white dress in this event with a crown of candles and sing traditional songs. They also serve their families food and coffee.
  • Midsummer’s Eve Festivities- On a Friday night falling on the dates between June 19 and 26 since these days are the beginning of a summer season, people then celebrate through dancing until dawn.
  • Flag day every June 6- The national flag of Sweden is presented to Swedish organizations and communities. A special ceremony will be held during this date.

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