A Cultural Shock: Bride Kidnapping Still Exists In Kyrgyzstan

One of the most important events a woman cannot forget in her life is to marry the person whom she truly loves. It is not a joke when a couple seriously prepares and organizes their wedding day so as not to forget the happiest day of their life.

This is a common celebration of marriage in most countries and being embodied by the doctrine of eternal love in Christian gathering, the tradition of holding a couple’s love should not be forced. They shall follow their heart dictates and by their physical and emotional attraction with each other. During wedding, the groom and the bride shall swear of helping and loving one another in the midst of every positive or negative way their new life faces. Both parents and relatives of each side gather with one another and develop sense of friendship and joyfully promote strong relationships. This is indeed considered a great form of tradition.

However, what if one country withholds a tradition that is opposite from the above statements?

Then do not be shocked as the country of Kyrgyzstan considers kidnapping women to be part of their culture. The kidnappers are those men searching for a bride who would forcefully marry them immediately.

The plan and decision of kidnapping will be successfully done with the help of the groom’s family. Be it in the school, in the market, church and even residences is a target of these kidnappers. The piteous kidnapped woman will be put inside the vehicle and lead them into a place where the wedding will be done. The wedding place without any idea from the forced bride and her family outcasts all the groom’s relatives and friends gathered. This is one of the ways the woman cannot escape and reject the wedding because no one will dare to help her. A big trouble will be committed from the woman when she does not want to marry the kidnapper.

The tradition

This tradition has been long sought done for many years because Kyrg families believe that it is a way to a lesser and cheaper wedding expenses especially when the wedding was held suddenly. Men do not longer need expenses for dating. Another reason contemplates free payment for the forced bride because in one of their cultures, men shall be obliged to pay $800 as a dowry to their bride’s family before marrying.

The Kyrgyz Government

Recently, statistics have shown that Kyrgyzstan contains one of the highest rates of women suicides because of the culture and tradition they are trying to preserve for hundreds of years. The effect of modernism is now trying to motivate the country’s government to revise laws and upgrade the rights of women but it seems traditions are stronger to block it. 

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